Maple leaf


The "maple leaf" on her shoulders was hand-made by me and Tutta together out of pearls and lace. It's heavy form lay down on her shoulder beautifully, still looking very light.

Tutta & Juri

The wedding of Tutta Kesti and Juri Lönn. Both are live-roleplayers so it was natural to have a wedding in the nature, surrounded by elements from the fantasy world.

Juri's last name means "the maple leaf" so I was asked to create a white wedding dress, that has some maple leafs on it. Tutta also loves deers and can shoot with a bow, which are themes also present in these beautiful captures from their wedding day.

The photos taken at woods:  by Iida liimatainen.

Photos at the wedding/dock/cottage by Toni Kesti.


Summer 2015