Based in Turku, Finland, Nina creates extraordinary pieces of costumes for all corners of show business. But she's best known for her works in the music industry, beginning as a stylist for Cheek's music videos, and nowadays from distressed art pieces worn by Kamelot and Nightwish. But she is not a stranger in the film and theatre world either, her costumes becoming a success where ever she drags her tailoring doll. She's even done burlesque, designing "nerdlesque" shows behind the stage and performing on-stage, even to George R.R. Martin himself!


Being also a horror writer and a storyteller, she takes inspiration from other worlds, which exist in the book pages or movies, inside and outside the earth, in Paris, in the scandinavian mythology or in her own dreams and nightmares. Her art speaks of her trips to England, France, Italy and Finland as do her bookshelves filled with strange goblins, venetian masks, bottles and broken clocks.

Goblins, fairies, aliens and historical costumes appear in her texts, wardrobe and shows. You may especially spot Alphonso around the site or her Instagram. He's her pink-haired brittish goblin friend, that likes cookies very much. Alphonso was created with Wendy Froud in a windy moor of the UK.


Nina's passion for costumes started at 5th grade, when she drew a costume of a snowqueen. Already then she had an eye for details, as the queen's outfit was dripping of icy waterdrops. As a teenager when she saw Gwendal Peizerat and Marina Anissina perform "Dance mon Esmeralda" on an ice-dancing contest and finding the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, she knew for sure what she wanted to do with her life. Later on, costumes lead to character developing and live-roleplaying, which lead to writing. Now she's writing of her two huge fantasy worlds, about the Ahtolaiset waterpeople and another of the angel Elliot. You can see the characters come come alive in the costume galleries.

Later studying at the St.Michel University of applied sciences she started experimenting with distressed surface effects which eventually became her trademark.



Nina Korento

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Tiny worlds within worlds

In the history of stage arts, costumes had traditionally been made fast and with low-quality, in the name of distance. Nina Korento does not accept this in the modern world.

"I never understood why we should continue doing so, first because the surface and texture can make a character so much more lively even when the viewer cannot really name what they are looking at. Second, they do sense the actors doing a deeper performance within the character, when the actors themselves know what they are wearing and why it is important for their actions."

A well-made costume filled with details can make a performer, a musician, an actor, a dancer connect with their character to a next level.

"And in the end, I was raised in a time when the first 3D movies were only rides at amusement parks. I knew my time will come when the technique arrives at cinemas and when the world is much more up-close. Now every director wants details to be perfect in HDTV and every singer  want to show their laced pearls on social media" - Nina

The Bands


You cannot really talk about Nina without mentioning her career in the music industry. Best known for her works in the metal genre (Kamelot, Korpiklaani) , Nina is talented and experienced in making outfits last several long tours and a lot of stress. When needed she can also serve as a stylist, finding ready-made products for the use on one-time occasions like music videos. She's been a stylist even on the genre of hip hop for Cheek! Any genre is welcome, so if your folk-punk band wants to be rainbow colored space cowboys, please contact us!

“The greatest costumes in the whole history of this theatre.” 

-Review of "Six characters in search of an author"(Pirandello, Kinnunen)

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